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3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back
June 25, 2014, 1:57 PM

We know our enemy, the Bible describes him quite well.  He is cunning, strategic, manipulative and opportunistic.  He doesn't mind giving up some of the ground he takes knowing that his next moves will be with progress already made.  It is my opinion that we are seeing this strategy being played out here in America at an exponential rate. 

Yes, these things have been going on since Jesus was here, and yes, they are much more at work in other countries than ours.  But for those who have carried the idea, "Oh, that won't happen here, not in America."  Please pay attention.  It has been slowly growing here for years only in recent days are we seeing a ramp up in the rhetoric.

Our religious freedoms are being stripped away.  There is more and more talk in public and political circles that are moves to push us even more inside the walls of our churches than we have been acting on our own already.

It is obvious that the rights of everyone's free speech are being protected, except those of the Christian church.  We are being pushed on to either shut up, or be forced to change.

Without going into a political quoting mode of recent comments made, just let me say, get ready.  And I would plead with you pastors, to make sure your church people are ready and not buying into the rhetoric.  But at the same time, do not remain silent thinking it won't happen here - it is happening here.  Consider the recent decision by the mayor in Houston to make public restrooms gender free, yes, that happened.  Now the Christian body is rising up and speaking out.  Don't wait until it happens to react. 

Remember, the enemy will use whoever he can and whatever he can.  So, the strategy... grab 3 steps forward on an issue, when confronted, he will gladly back up 2 steps, which means he has still gained 1.  And this also means that when he is ready to move again, he's already one step further along than he was before.

I know there are some who say the "frog in the kettle" is an untrue reality with frogs, but the idea is true and works with us humans.    As maddening and mind numbing as it can be to watch the national and world news, at least on occasions tune in.  Be proactive with your church so that when the persecution arrives at your door, your people won't be caught off guard.

I'm not a "doom and gloom" kind of preacher or Christian for that matter, but I am one who attempts to be alert to the realities at hand.  And we are in a day where even in America, our freedoms as Christians are being stripped away. 

The warning in Scripture is to "be on the alert, your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."      I Peter 5:8


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