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Good Can Still Come
April 30, 2014, 10:47 AM

For a number of years now I have abandoned certain cliches.  "If it's meant to be, it will be", "If it's God's will, it will happen" and others similar.  Before you label me a heritic ... How many times have you seen people mess up God's will?  Think about it, it happens all the time.

Now, I believe God's Word, I believe it is infallible and inerrant, and I hold strongly to Romans 8:28.  Yes, without a doubt I believe that God can bring good even out of bad situations.  But honestly, as I am writing this I am struggling.

Here's the deal, our son Logan graduated from Texas A&M in December (WHOOP!)  He has sent out over 100 job applications, because God is the one who connects us with who we know, through one of those types of connections he was put in touch with a company and got the job!!!  For him, a dream job, right in his field of study, good pay, great location!!!  So we move him to the area, he is to start work and then gets a call that he can't.  Why?  This straight arrow of a young man failed the drug test!  How is this possible?  Well in this case, at first no clue!  Until we realize that the day before his interview and consequent drug test, he enjoyed a large portion of his favorite meal from mom - Poppy Seed Chicken.  Yep.  How stupid could we have been?!  We used to joke when he was in High School and having it for a meal, hoped they wouldn't do random drug testing this week at school...

Another part of my frustration is what I believe to be the epidemic of idiots who are running not only our country but many institutions.  And the zero tolerance policy that allows for no consideration of a situation.  We could send them the recipe and clear it up, but at this point that is not an option.

So, I am frustrated.

Can God work this for good?  Absolutely and that is what we are praying for and trusting in.  In the midst of these kinds of situations the one thing I know without a doubt is that no matter what, God wants to reveal His glory.  And so that is what I am looking for.

I'm still frustrated and heartbroken for him, and mad at myself for letting him eat that Poppy Seed Chicken!

But I will trust in the Lord.

Romans 8:28.

So even when we humans mess up what God has planned, God still has a plan.  It may mean waiting a little longer to see it, it may mean looking in a different direction to find it, but God is able to bring good out of any situation, even heartbreaking ones.

So I wll trust in the Lord.

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