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       GBA is the churches.  Too many have the attitude that the association is an entity all itís own.  That is not true.  We must be what the churches make us.  It is somewhat like the attitude some have about the church:  the pastor is the church, or the deacons are the church.  The church is the people.  The association is the churches.

       Created by churches in the area in 1918.  Please note that statement, ďCreated by the churches.Ē  The churches were saying:

We need partnership

We need fellowship

We need to be able to work together

The task for the whole area is too big for any one of us, but together we can do what God wants done.

       A vital link for life in Christ through





       Is supported by the churches.

       Serves the churches as requested so that they will be strengthened and enabled to fulfill what they believe God would have them do in His mission.

       Recognizes that the church is Godís primary instrument of fulfilling His mission.

       Recognizes that building up of the whole body of Christ is of primary importance.

       Urges the churches to continually grow toward greater faithfulness, effectiveness and efficiency in obedience to Godís mission.

       Composed of 51 cooperating churches in seven counties.  Basically Victoria County and the six surrounding counties are included:







Not all the Baptist churches in the surrounding counties cooperate with Guadalupe Baptist Association.

       Governed by messengers from the churches.

       Has no authority over the cooperating churches.

       Cooperates in the state through the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas.

       Cooperates nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention.

       Sets a priority on evangelism, missions and Christian education.

       Challenges the churches to express their mission commitment by personal involvement of members.

       A good measure of participation in the association is to look at the church of which you are a member and ask, ďIf every other church in the association were as cooperative as we are, what would the association ministry look like?Ē  Would GBA be stronger or weaker?

       Some associational missionaries are appointed and at least partially paid by the North American Mission Board.  This is not true in GBA. 

       In many senses the Executive Director is a staff member of each church in the association.


What are some ways the church can be involved in the association?


       Budgeting for the association

       Electing an Executive Board member and expecting that board member to attend the meetings and report about GBA to the church.

       Electing and sending messengers to the Annual Meeting and asking them to report to the church.

       Encouraging your pastor to be active in the association.

       Encouraging church members to attend associational activities.

       Plan to serve lunch to the Baptist Student Ministries on a Tuesday.

       Hosting an Executive Board meeting or a Pastor/Staff Conference.

       Encourage members to be available for leadership in various areas of GBA work.

       Help GBA and its ministry regain the confidence of the churches and people.


Some of the ministries of Guadalupe Baptist Association:


       Administrative Assistant

       Monthly pastor/staff prayer and fellowship meetings.

       Working with Pastor Search Committees, helping them understand that their main mission is to pray and ask God to lead, not to search for a pastor.

       Work with other church  teams/committees as requested

       Providing training and materials in areas of discipleship, education and missions.

       Provide information and assistance to churches in calling new staff members.


       Sometimes being mediator in church conflicts.

       Maintain audiovisual equipment.

       Broad shoulders for people to talk.

       Maintain a list of supply preachers and music directors to assist churches when they are without leadership or need help.

       Through the budget as GBA is able to participate in various ministry/mission opportunities.


Future Mission involvement:

       New church starts.  It would be great to see GBA become more actively involved with new church starts and support.

       Mission trips to other countries and areas of need in our nation and state.

       Examine our area to look for other directions in ministry and missions.

       Stabilize the income so that we might be able to budget for greater involvement.

       Increase fellowship opportunities among pastors and among churches.

       Increase awareness of association work among the churches.

       Move to the place where we will be able to focus more on planning for Godís future direction for GBA.

       Move away from the past and event(s) that consume energy, but are not helpful in accomplishing Godís purpose.


  July 2021  
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