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What Are You?
April 16, 2014, 10:39 AM

Recently I've been seeing a lot of posts on FaceBook (don't judge me) about these character/personality/things tests people are taking.

Did you know you can see what "color" you are?  Some link with a picture of colored scarfs on it... What kind of "bird" you would be, which "Star Wars" character you are, "Hobbit", sitcom "Friends" character, "fairytale" creature, color of "aura" you are, and many other possibilities.

There is even one for which "Peanuts" character you are.  (Interesting, I took two of these and was Linus in one and Lucy in the other???)  Good grief!


Anyway, so, in light of these ideas, what about who you are in the local church body?

Several ways to look at this one too.

I mean there are the not so great characters - complainer, whiner, grumbler, controller, manipulater, intimidator ...

Someone with a little creativity could come up with a test to see which brand of soft drink in the church you might be.  Let's see ...  The Diet Coke Christian - only shows up at Easter and Christmas.  The Coke Zero Christian - shows up and sits but never does or gives anything.  The 10 calorie Dr. Pepper - brags about being 100% but only gives about 10% of themself...  We could go on, but this sounds a bit critical.

Here's the point, you are a part of the Body of Christ and as such also a part of the Body of the Local Church.  Now, you are familiar with Paul's writing in Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4 about the body of Christ and our giftedness to fit in and serve.  So, how about starting a new set of posts on FaceBook, or more effectively just realize who you are and where you fit in within your local church in the Body of Christ and do what the Lord has equipped you to do?  Here's a few examples:

If you are:

Hand - a helper, greeter, server, assistant

Feet - you are a "goer" read to go and do, take things somewhere, take people where they need to be...

Eyes - visionary, able to see needs in folks, observing the movement of the Lord.

Mouth - inviter, encourager, witnesser, teacher.

Knees - you are a person of prayer.

Arms - hugger, supporter.

Ears - good listener.

There are so many ways to consider this and they all speak to the important role you play in the local church body.

And to see how important each part is, if one part is missing or not working properly, then the body is limited.  This means your church will not be able to accomplish effectively what God desires and plans for you to.

So rather than taking tests to see which cartoon character you would be (I would want to be Marvin the Martian) look into the Bible and discover how God has gifted you and wired you to serve, and then be that.  You will be blessed and you will be a blessing!


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