Pastor in Training



Pastor Training Program

Our Pastor Training Program has begun. This is for men who feel they are called to ministry. Led by our local pastors, we will cover some of the practical things that are a part of being a pastor. Our desire is to help prepare men to pastor our churches who may not have the opportunity to go off to school for training. This will be an 11 session program meeting the 1st and 3rd Monday's of each month.

Session 10

Pastor Jack Hutson, he has been the pastor at Vanderbilt for 44 years, talks about "How to last in one church."



Session 9

Dale Turner and Tim Williams talk about the importance of Pastoral Care and Personal Care.





Session 8

Pastor Dr. Ira Antoine discusses ways to balance life and ministry as a Bi-Vocational Pastor.





Session 7

Pastor Dr. Glenn Robertson talks about the importance of formal education.




Session 6

Pastor Brandt Barnard discusses Elders in the church and DOM Walter Jackson talks about Deacons.




Session 5

Pastors Robert Krause and Darrell Tomasek walk through their process in sermon preparation.




Session 4

Pastor T. Wayne Price discusses dealing with church conflict and also working with committees.



Session 3

Pastors Jeremy Prichard and Daniel McFarland share about what to expect in your first church and your first year.



Session 2

Pastor Mike Hurt shares about how to know you are being called.